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Tandoor Indian Grill is a traditional, innovative Indian cuisine balanced by an array of exotic spices. Tandoor offers a perfect blend of northern and southern dishes in an inviting atmosphere of modern elegance and sophistication.


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3300 South 729 East,

Salt Lake City, UT. 84106




Hours of Operation:

Mon-Sat 11am to 10pm

Sun 11:30am to 9pm


Chicken Pakora:

Chicken tenders dipped in mildly spiced batter and fried


Lamb Samosa:

Savory pastries stuffed with minced lamb



Savory pastries stuffed with spiced potato & peas



Vegetable fritters dipped in garbanzo flour and fried

Cut Mirchi:

Chilli bajji refried and sprinkled with chat masala, onions



Choice of eggplant, potato or spinach dipped in lentil batter and fried



Delicate pastry balls made of lentil and rice flour


Assorted Snacks:

An assortment of Pakoras, Samosa, Bajji and Bonda


Tomato Soup

Fresh squeezed cream of tomatoes, garnished with ground spices


Chicken Corn Soup

Cream of Corn, shredded chicken

and egg

Polak Shorba

Fresh vegetables with spinach, garlic and spices.


Navarathna Koorma:

Mixed vegetables cooked with cashews, raisins, and spices


Vegetables Masala:

Spice Mixed  vegetable gravy


Palak Paneer:

Spinach and homemade cheese in cream sauce


Mutter paneer:

Green peas and homemade  cheese in cream sauce


Paneer Makhani:

Fresh homemade cheese cooked with creamy tomato sauce


Kadai Paneer:

Indian cheese stirfried with bellpaper and tomato


Mushroom Mutter:

Mushroom and mutter cooked with special sauce


Aloo Saag:

Baby potatoes cokked with spinach and cream sauce

Aloo Gobi:

Cauliflower and potatoes cooked to  perfection with ginger, tomatoes & spices


Gobi Manchurian:

Cauliflower cooked in Manchurian sauce


Bendi Masala:

Okra cooked chopped onion and ginger


Hyderabadi Bagara Baigan:

Indian eggplant stuffed with peanut and sesame seed paste an cooked with onion and tamrind


Tandoor’s Special:

Pumkin Masala Grilled butternut squash sautéed in spices


Chana Masala:

Delicious chick peas cooked in an exotic bleed of north Indian spices


Dal Makahani/Spinach Dal/Tomato Dal


Chicken Tikka Masala

Cubes of chicken roasted on clay oven and then folded in tomato sauce


Chicken Makhani

Marinated chicken cooked in cream and tomato sauce.


Chicken Cilantro

Boneless chicken cooked in cilantro and nuts with exotic spices.


Chicken Saag

Chicken and freshly chopped spinach cooked in mild spices.


Chicken Manchurian

Marinated boneless chicken stir-fried in Manchurian sauce.

Chicken Curry

Chicken cooked in Indian curry sauce.


Chicken Shahi Korma/Chicken Coconut Korma

Boneless chicken cooked with cashew and almond sauce.


Kadai Chicken

Boneless chicken cooked with onion, tomato and pepper in aromatic spices.


Chili Chicken

Indian style Chinese chili chicken in gravy, cooked with lots of onions and green chilies.

Southern Specials

Idli Plain Dosa:

Two streamed rice cakes & lentils and crepe made with lentil rice and rice flour Served with lentil soup and chutney


Masala Dosa:

Crepe Stuffed with potato masala curry served with lentil soup and chutney


Onion Cheese Utappam:

Thick pancake with onions, vegetables and chillies served with lentil soup and chutney

Chicken Dosa:

Lentil crepe stuffed with chicken


Keema Dosa:

Dosa Stuffed with minced meat peas and spices



Whole wheat puffed bread served with potato curry

Lamb Specials

Lamb Rogan Josh:

Succulent pieces of lamb in a cardamom flavored sauce


Lamb Madras Masala:

Boneless lamb cooked in madras style curry sauce


Kadai Lamb

Boneless lamb cooked with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers in spices


Lamb Koorma

Boneless lamb cooked with a blend of yogurt, nuts and spices in a creamy sauce

Hyderabadi Lamb

Boneless lamb cooked in a special sauce with yogurt, green chilies & spices


Lamb Cilantro

Boneless lamb cooked in cilantro and nuts with exotic spices


Lamb Saag

Tender lamb pieces simmered in pureed spinach and spices


Shrimp Saag:

Shimp cooked with spinach with onions and tomatoes and spices


Shrimp Curry:

Fresh shrimp cooked in tomato sauce


Shrimp Tikka Masala:

Barbecued shrimp marinated in yogurt, spices & simmered in creamy sauce

Chilli Fish:

Indo Chineese style fish cooked in chilli garlic sauce


Fish Tikka Masala:

Pieces of fish filled marinated in yourt & spices then baked in a clay oven


Fish Madras Curry:

Seasonal fish cooked with pepper and garam masala

Tandoor Delights

Chicken Tandoori

Chicken marinated in yogurt and tandoor spices grilled in clay oven


Salmon Tandoori

Salmon marinated in yogurt and tandoor spices grilled in clay oven


House Special Kabab

Choice of boneless pieces of chicken/lamb marinated in mint sauce and grilled in tandoor oven

Shami Kabab

Mince lamb patties mixed with herbs and spices


Sheesh Kabab

Mince lamb mixed with herbs and spices and grilled


Tandoor’s Mixed Grill

Combination of Tandoor chicken, tikka, shami kabab and shrimp


Chicken Biryani

Marinated in yogurt and lemon juice, slowly cooked and baked with basmati rice.


Shrimp Biryani

Marinated in yogurt and lemon juice, slowly cooked and baked with basmati rice.


Navaratan Biryani

Assortment of fresh vegetables baked with basmati rice and nuts.

Lamb Biryani

Marinated in yogurt and lemon juice, slowly cooked and baked with basmati rice.


Mutter Pulao/Mushroom Pulao

Cumin flavored basmati rice with green peas.



Leavened white bread


Garlic Naan:

Leavened white bread topped with garlic


Onion Kulcha:

White bread stuffed with homemade cheese and herbs


Peshwari Naan:

Leafed white bread stuffed with raisins, almond and coconut

Aloo Naan:

White bread stuffed with spiced potatoes


Tandoori Roti:

Whole wheat bread


Paratha Methi:

Multi- layered whole wheat bread with died fenugreek (Green Leaves)





Fresh yogurt mixed with fresh vegetables and spices.


Toasted lentil wafers.


Mango Chutney:

Peeled seasoned mango slices in tangy and spicy sauce.

Beverages & Desserts



Rice pudding made with sweetened milk raisins, almonds and saffron


Gulab Jamoon:

Deep fried wheat and milk balls, soaked in sugar syrup


Gajar Halwa

Grated carrots with milk & cheese; topped with Pistachios & almonds



The delicious and cooling Indian yogurt shake

Choice of Mango/Strawberry/Salt/Sweet


Masala Chai/ Green Tea:

Fresh brewed tea with aromatic spices.




Mango Shake:

Milk mixed mango pulp and sugar.


Soft Drink

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